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Ultra Wide Band Market with Focus on Emerging Technologies, Regional Trends, Competitive Landscape, Regional Analysis & Forecasts to 2023

Market Scenario:

The Ultra Wide Band market size is projected to raise from USD ~62 Million  in 2016 to USD ~85 Million by 2022, at a CAGR of ~5% throughout the forecast period.

Ultra Wide Band has traditional applications in non-cooperative radar imaging. Ultra Wide Band technology are high data rates, low cost and low power. The Ultra Wide Band communicates in a manner that does not inhibit with conservative narrowband and carrier wave transmission in the same frequency band. Ultra wide band is a technology for transmitting information spread over a large bandwidth which is greater than 500 MHz, growth of the industrial IoT in the forecast period is the major driver for Ultra-Wide band technology, the increasing adoption of the technology based real time location system solutions for resource utilization and workflow optimization in industries, increasing technological competitiveness are the main drivers of the ultra-wide band market, one of the main benefits of the large bandwidth for Ultra Wide Band pulses is improved channel capacity, and it also has the ability to work with the low signal-to-noise ratios.

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Key Players:

  • Taiyo Yuden Co Ltd. (Japan)
  • 5D Robotics, Inc. (US),
  • Pulse LINK, Inc. (US),
  • Alereon, Inc. (US),
  • Johanson Technology, Inc. (US),
  • Nanotron Technologies GmbH (Germany),
  • DecaWave Ltd. (Ireland)
  • Fractus Antennas S.L. (Spain),
  • BeSpoon SAS (France),
  • Zebra Technologies Corporation (US),

Industry News:

July 18, Nanotron and DecaWave partnered on UWB micro-location technologies.

Nanotron Technologies GmbH and DecaWave have entered into a partnership agreement to develop next-generation micro-location technologies. This technology is independent of the underlying radio technology, which is invaluable for all ranging-based micro-location use cases.

July 18, HERE is partnering with Decawave to enable its mapping services to identify the locations of individuals and things within 10 centimeters inside buildings.

HERE Technologies has partnered with Decawave to provide precise location and mapping services, with positioning information using Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology. The partnership of Decawave’s technology with HERE’s mapping services will enable users to pinpoint the locations of goods or individuals via UWB transmissions. With this system, HERE will provide 3D location to within about 10 centimeters (3.9 inches).

Dec 2017, CommScope delivers first Ultra Wide Band, 4×4 MIMO antenna for 1400 MHz – 2700 MHz range.

CommScope has introduced the first antenna in the market to cover the broadest frequency band range available (1400-2700 MHz). Support a low band range of 694-960 MHz. Operators can combine one antenna the supplemental down link band of 1400 MHz as well the primary band.

Sep 2017, Taoglas has launched a range of small-form-factor Ultra Wide Band (UWB) antennas specifically designed to enable centimeter-level positioning and angle-of-arrival applications.

Taoglas’ range of UWB antennas features both state-of-the-art flexible embedded UWB antennas and UWB embedded SMT chip antennas. Both series of antennas help designers to future-proof devices, keeping costs low while covering all common UWB commercial bands.

Ultra Wide Band Market Global Market – Segmentation

Segmentation by application: internet access and multimedia service, location based services, and wireless peripheral interface.

Segmentation by technology: short range, and long range.

Segmentation by components: sensors, ICs, and motherboard.

Segmentation by industry: IT & telecom, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, utilities, Government, and others.

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Ultra Wide Band Market Global Market – Regional Analysis

The regional analysis of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) market is studied for North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world. North America is expected to dominate the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) market owing to high acceptance of Ultra Wide Band based real time location services for industrial processes. The Ultra Wide Band frequency is capable of improving channel capacity by sharing the frequency spectrum due to large bandwidth. Moreover, countries like the US and Canada are more focused towards providing precise and fast transmission of data across terminals. Thus, these countries are expected to contribute a major share in the growth of North American region.

On the other hand, the market study on Europe region is expected to attain the second largest market by 2023 owing to the presence of prominent players such as Nanotron Technologies, DecaWave Ltd, and Fractus Antennas S.L. These companies invest a major share in innovating new techniques that could increase the wireless data capabilities in portable devices at higher bandwidth and apparently reducing the cost and power consumption incurred in the provision of these services.


Table 1 Global Ultra Wide Band Market, By Application

Table 2 Global Ultra Wide Band Market, By Technology

Table 3 Global Ultra Wide Band Market, By Components



Figure 1 Research Network Solution

Figure 2 Global Ultra Wide Band Market: By Application (%)

Figure 3 Global Ultra Wide Band Market: By Technology (%)



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