The Fake Paramedic in London

Fake Paramedic Ambulance

The police are currently investigating on a case on a “fake” paramedic who has apparently treated more than 100 patients during his service period.

Some of the fake paramedic’s acts were responding to 999 calls and also discharging patients instead of letting them in the hospital. Many patients were contacted by the police and the ambulance chiefs to inform them about the safety breach and to check their welfare.

The man was a trainee at the London Ambulance Service and has been sacked and the case is now referred to Scotland Yard. The metropolitan police have revealed that they had questioned a 21year old. The reasons were suspicion of fraud, assault, burglary andunlawful physical contact with patients.

Failing in his paramedic exams have affected the employee and he had gone rogue. This week only the details had come to light. The arrested 21-year-old was taken in the police custody and later released. The inquiries are still going on.

The London Ambulance Patients’ Forum stated that it was shocked after hearing the news. The Chairman, Malcolm Alexander said that if the allegations were true, then the fake paramedic might go on to be responsible for serious problems to patients. The security has to be tightened. The fake guy would just pass as a real one and cause serious health issues. This has also made it essential for LAS takes care that they can give a guarantee that this would never happen again.

LAS mentioned that the systems are very tight now. As they came to know of the activities of the individual, an internal investigation was initiated, the police were informed and the patients affected by the fake’s treatment checked upon. The employment of the guy was also terminated immediately.

The team said that they have improved the processes, security and systems and will continue to improve. NHS improvement, the body that keeps an eye on the LAS said that NHS had given support to LAS during the investigation and will continue the same and prevent these things from happening again.


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