Protest from Sabarimala to Secretariat


P Sreedharan Pillai, BJP State President on Friday made a statement that the party will be continuing the protests regarding the Sabarimala Temple issue and will do so by protesting outside Kerala secretariat in Trivandrum starting from Monday.

The protest will continue for two weeks and will see party members from all fourteen districts in the state coming to the secretariat. The demands that the party would be putting forth are lifting the restrictions that are currently imposed on the commoners and to take strict action on the police officers who treated the devotees cruelly and for the false cases made up on K Surendran, party’s General Secretary.

The BJP State President also said that the plan to shift the protest came after the women in the age group 10-50 have stopped making attempts to enter the temple and that if any women will come forward again with attempts to enter the temple, the protest will be shifted back to the temple. He also said that as some of the restrictions have been lifted, it will not be good on their part to cause inconvenience to the devotees.

The Chief Minister of the State, Pinarayi Vijayan though welcomed BJP’s decision had a different view regarding it. He said that the current decision by BJP comes from their understanding that the people have grasped the state government’s stand on the issue regarding the temple.

The CM said that “It is not possible to stand straight if you take a stand that is not acceptable by the society.”

The CM also said that the cases that were taken against the BJP leader K Surendran, Sasikala teacher and other devotees were purely a part of implementing the law and it has nothing to do with the stand that the government has taken on Sabarimala. He said that there is no point in protesting and demanding for the cases to be withdrawn.

The CM said that there is nothing wrong in BJP protesting in front of the secretariat, but they should be considering the demands that they place.


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