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Paris The Yellow Vest Protest

Besancon, France – The grand avenue Champs Elysees were filled with protesters who marched down there and hurled projectiles at the police. It is actually in the smaller towns like these located at the foothills near the Swiss border that the anger is felt. The protesters were fed with tear gas in return.

People in the mentioned areas are heavily dependent on their cars for day-to-day activities and hence do not welcome the rising diesel prices and also the new gasoline tax. The price hike for the fuel is the core issue behind all the protests as the cars form a daily requirement for these people.

Marco Pavan, a 55-year-old said that the price hike will not be a problem for the Parisiansbecause they would not be needing a car. He has driven taxi cabs and trucks in and around the city for around 30 years. The life of people like Marco Pavan are affected by the price hike of fuel and hence there was an increase in the roadblocks in France in the past few weeks. Being located in the mountainside, there is no facility of either a bus or a train to take them anywhere and the cabs form a basic requirement.

Macron, whom some people called ‘president of the rich’, was empathic at the issue and sought to be more humble but insisted that the violent demands of the public would not be met and the gas tax would not be revoked. “One cannot be on Monday for the environment and on Tuesday against the increase of fuel prices”, said the president in his speech on energy.

Macron stated that French policies haven’t done enough to address the expenses of living in big cities. He said that the protestors are not the perpetrators but instead they are the first victims of the new policy regarding the diesel price hike. He mentioned that the government will take care of the protests but would not run away from their responsibility as there is an environmental issue.

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