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Our Trip to Dudhsagar Waerfall – Day Tour Package in Goa – Waterfall Trip

One of the most popular attractions in Goa is the Dudh Sagar waterfall. As soon as it is not called – and milky waterfall, and sacred, and legendary. Located Dudhsagar Falls in the territory of South Goa. But the tour can be bought at any travel agency of both South Goa and North. We went to the waterfall on our own on a bike and bought a tour already in place.

How to get to the Dudhsgar Falls There are several options: 1. On the bike.We drove to Dudhsagar from Benaulim. The road on the bike in one direction took an hour and a half. Back drove faster, as the road was already familiar. On a bike from South Goa, you can safely and easily get to the station Colem (Colem), where they buy tickets for jeeps, carrying on the waterfall itself.

I know some guys who rode independently on scooters from Arambol to Dudhsagar, and then broke through the guards and drove along the rivers and stones right up to the waterfall. This is me about a possible question – “Is it possible to get to the Dudhsagar waterfall absolutely independently and not pay anything at all?” But before the waterfall there are several river shallows with boulders and a terrible road through the Indian jungle. If you do not mind the bike (rented) and ass (your favorite), as well as nerve cells (you need to break through the barrier and deceive the guards), then you can get for free. We did not save so. We love our asses. But from the South Goa to the station Kohl with jeeps, I would advise myself.

The road there is very beautiful! Emerald rice checks, sugarcane plantations, Indian villages and towns, passes on mountain roads – just have time to turn your head in all directions and stop to take another photo.

Need to go on the highway NH4A. In the Navigator, you can score the ultimate Kohl, and you can Dudhsagar. Google helped us along the way, brought where we needed). 2. By taxi. From any Goa village you can reach Dudhsagar by taxi. The cost of a taxi is different – it depends on the distance, season, enterprise of the taxi driver and your ability to bargain.

Taxis from North Goa cost about Rs 2200-2500 back and forth. From South Goa you can get there and back for 1800-2000 rupees. Prices are approximate. We asked the tourists at the waterfall, and all called different amounts. 3. By train. From the Madgaon station in the city of Margao, there are trains to the Colem station. there you go out and walk to the point with jeeps. It is very close. Then after a walk to the waterfalls in the same way you get back to Margao. The method is convenient for those who live in South Goa in Wark, Cavelossim or Benaulim – there is not far to Margao. Ticket price for one is about 10-15 rupees. Trains on the Margao-Kolem route run several times a day. It is better to go on the first train, it goes at 7 in the morning. Please note – the last return train Kolem-Marao goes at 17:15. Do not linger! 4. With a guide. The easiest way to get to Dudhsagar Falls is to take a guided tour from the hotel immediately. This is the most expensive way, but you do not need to worry about anything at all. organized excursions bring the same station with jeeps to Kohl, she is there alone.

Tourists are seated in jeeps and driven through the jungle and rivers to the waterfall. Most often, the trip to the waterfalls also included several excursions – on the plantation of spices, plus riding on elephants or climbing along the gibbon paths in a rope park. The program in different travel agencies may be different, so check on the spot. The cost of an organized excursion to Dudhsagar with a guide is $ 35-50 per person. Our video from the trip. (Go Dudhsagar waterfall Tour Package)

Legend of Dudhsagar Do you know why this Indian waterfall is called milky? Like most tourist places, Dudhsagar waterfall has its own beautiful story. One beautiful Indian princess loved to go swimming in the waterfall. After she emerged from under the streams of a bubbling waterfall, she always drank a whole jug of milk. This is the morning ration of Indian princesses! Indian beauty bathed naked. And once, the prince, whose kingdom was very close, found her behind this business. The prince hid behind a stone, and the girl did not see him until the end of bathing.

The prince wanted to get a better look at the naked beauty and, therefore, forgot about safety and, burning with curiosity, got out of his shelter. When the princess raised a jug of milk to drink it, she saw in his reflection the face of a young man. frightened, the girl dropped the pitcher, and its contents spilled directly into the waterfall. At this point, the servants of the princess managed to cover her body with clothes. Ever since, the waterfall has been pouring its snow-white milk streams in a triple cascade.

Dudhsagar Waterfall Information After a sweet legend about a waterfall, I will delight you with dry figures and facts. Dudhsagar Falls is considered the fifth largest waterfall in India. Its height is over 300 meters. In the rainy season, it is almost impossible to reach the waterfall, as the mountain rivers flow heavily. It is best to visit the waterfall in November, after the rainy season. At this time it is the most majestic and it is already possible to reach it safely. But even at the height of the dry season, the Dudhsagar waterfall does not lose its majesty.

We were in early February – we liked it. The waters were cut off from a height, at the bottom there was a clear, cleanest lake, rather deep, unbelievably beautiful rivers flowed nearby, monkeys fussed about. From the station Kohl to the waterfall you are being taken by jeep. One jeep costs 2,400 rupees. If you want to go together – pay so much. And if you join the company, then divide the price for the jeep into all the participants of the company. We gave 400 rupees for one. In the jeep there were 6 people – two Indian couples and us.

Before entering the jungle take an environmental fee – 20 rupees. If they see the camera on you, they will take more money and for the camera – 30 rupees. Usually they try to fool the vests and tear off the money for them – 30 rupees per vest. In fact, they do not need these vests, especially if you will not swim in the lake, or you will, but swim well. The Hindus were all in vests. Well, this is understandable – very few of them know how to swim. After payment, we were quickly loaded into jeeps and we drove to the parking lot at the waterfalls. The road is frankly bad. In my car, I would not go there. Yes, and the bike would be a pity. Although you can drive there, if you really want and you are a good driver. You can book Dudhsagar Jeep Safari Online

The road leads through the national Indian reserve Bhagwan Mahavir (Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife). They claim that the reserve is home to panthers, deer, mongooses, snakes and even Indian tigers! We personally did not see anyone except monkeys. If there are these animals in the reserve, they obviously do not go out on a forest road in the middle of the day to gaze at the tourists. But the monkeys in the reserve, and especially at the waterfall, apparently invisible! All the monkeys are fed up, although signs hang everywhere that it is forbidden to feed monkeys. Most tourists pretend that they cannot read. We also broke the rules.

Upstairs visible railway bridge. For some reason, immediately remembered the Harry Potter film. Although to be honest, it’s not really a bridge and looks like it’s smaller, and it’s not that gloomy and mysterious. But for me he remained the Harry Potter bridge. I think the view from this bridge is simply amazing. At first we wanted to get there with Maxim, and then spat and decided to limit ourselves to swimming in the lake at the waterfall. The lake is deep and very transparent. Fish is full there! if you throw bread, a whole flock of large fish rushes right there. The water in the lake is cold. After the warm Arabian Sea, the water seems icy. But in the heat it is very refreshing!

Jeeps are standing and waiting for tourists one hour thirty minutes. This time is enough to see enough, take pictures and bathe. What else is there in Dudhsagar to do, I do not know. Back again, the road over rocks and bumps and here we are at the station. You can go back a little towards the waterfall and buy a ride on elephants. It is worth the pleasure of 700 rupees for one. My conclusion: Considering the fact that in Goa, the cat cried, and most of them are too much for an amateur, Dudhsagar waterfall is the place to go. The road is amazing, the waterfall is majestic, the lake is beautiful, the monkeys are funny. Eternal noise and vanity spoil this place a bit – there are many tourists every day and at any time. But if you know how to be distracted and move away – then the crowd does not interfere.

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